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After many years as a commercial traveler within the sub-region, dealing in the marketing of science instruments, equipment, chemicals/reagents, glassware and general laboratory apparatus, I have come to realize that the biggest problems facing the study of science in west Africa and sierra Leone in particular, is the lack of basic equipment in most of the schools.

After visiting most of the schools in Sierra Leone, I discovered that there is a serious dearth of functional laboratories in most schools because of lack of basic science equipment, while some schools are completely without laboratories for practical works, forcing teachers to adopt a largely theoretical curriculum.

If such a situation is not corrected, it will allow the current generation of students to run away from the study of science completely.
If Sierra Leone is to benefit from science and technology, taught at this level, then there need to be adequate and well equipped laboratory facilities for the teaching of science and technology.
To help solve these problems and to take science and technology to a different level, the owner of scienceworld enterprise, Kalidu Bundu, decided to set up sierra Leone’s first science technology engineering and mathematics school (STEM), Science World Senior Secondary School Limited with state of the art facilities that can compete favorably with the best in the world and the one to beat in sierra Leone.

With the coming on board of science world senior secondary school limited, the first STEM school in the country, Sierra Leone was at the center of joining other nations in the development of science and technology.
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is now a priority in most part of the world including America. Sadly, it seems the opposite is happening in Sierra Leone. And this is why most students are now opting for courses in humanities instead of the sciences. If Sierra Leone is to benefit from the teaching of science and technology, there must be a new thinking in the way science and technology is taught in schools. No country can develop without a strong base in science and technology. Scienceworld senior secondary school Limited is founded to create a strong interest in the study of science and technology by the young generation of students in Sierra Leone to become competitive global scientists. To create a strong interest in the minds of our children, to go into research, creative and critical thinking, and problem solving. To also place science world in a position that will make it, to become a reference point in Sierra Leone’s science and technology development agenda. To make science world senior secondary school limited one of the leading private schools within Sierra Leone, West Arica, Africa and the world, with a unique goal of competing with excellence. As our motto states: strive for excellence.

The sky is the limit.

Kalidu Bundu

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Our Staff

At Scienceworld Senior Secondary School, our staff are the guiding stars in our STEM constellation, illuminating the path to knowledge, innovation, and boundless discovery. 


Alie Tarawallie



Rugiatu Kamara



Abdul Bundu



Mohamed Olaray



Bockarie Momoh



Mamoudu Barry



Alhasan K. Conteh



Alpha Mohamed Jalloh



Francis Abubakarr Bangura



Idrissa Chernor Kamara

core / further mathmatics


Mustapha Kallon



Hasan Timbo



Joseph Nsowah


Our Mission and Vision

To bring STEM skills, robotics and coding to children in Sierra Leone.
To inspire, unlock creativity, innovation and passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics for young sierra Leoneans.
To offer opportunities in research, creative and critical thinking and problem solving Through the motivational effects of robotics to develop stem skills, while building well-rounded leadership skills through confidence, communication, stewardship and emotional confidence.
To create a strong interest in science and technology, in the young generation, and to train them to become competitive global scientist.

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